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Weekly report week 35, plans for week 36 ->

* Meetings 

- Meeting with the Liberal Party at the Norwegian parliament
- Meeting with a minor group of the persons that meet with Morten
  Meyer, The Minister of Modernisation
- Meeting about software patents

* Work 

- Developer gathering
- Made an article about software patents for "Financial Daily" (Dagens
- Answered questions about reused computers and the environment from a
  governmental official at The Ministry of Children and Family Affairs
  that also works with consumer issues.
- Answering a lot of questions from journalists about our letter to
  the The Norwegian Competition Authority about following open
  standards. The Directorate for Primary and Secondary Education
  assume that the schools must have a customer relationship with
  Microsoft when preparing to electronic exams done on computers

  We also answering questions about how the Directorate for Primary
  and Secondary Education is flooding schools with free copies of
  software behemoth Microsoft's programs.
- Following up the lacking of the OO-test report
- Feedback on an article in the purchase magazine from The Association
  of Norwegian municipalities.

* Next step

- Write Weekly report week 36
- Getting reports ready for OO salary before 10th of sept.
- Invite people to participate in the day-to-day operational project 
  partly financed by the Ministry of Education and Science
- Planing the work with informing about software patents
- Making the day-to-day operation plan to reduce time on operation
- Making a LTSP, NoMachine, Half-thick-client project-plan. (LTSP-Jim,
  FAJ, RW)
- Making a leadership guide for how to facilitate open source projects
- Following up the question about making Debian Edu weekly news (VB)
- It's probably something I left out

By Knut Yrvin August 30th 2004

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