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Weekly report week 34, plans for week 35

* Meetings 

- Taking pictures with the newspaper "Daily trade"
- A meeting with a regional maintenance centre for ICT operation in
  Telemark (a county council in Norway)

* Work 

- Check the status for the OO-project
- Feedback from the the association of municipalities about 
  software agreements
- Proposal for different student projects
- Checking the facts in our quotations in the article to 
  be printed in "Daily trade"
- Wrote a letter in the DAF case
- Handled many invitations: From schools, The Norwegian Language
  Council, Christianize Libre School Association etc. 
- Work with the Skolelinux tour the autumn 2004

* Next step

- Getting reports ready for OO salary before 10th of sept.
- Participate in the developer gathering the weekend of 27-29 aug.
- Invite people to participate in the day-to-day operational project 
  partly financed by the Ministry of Education and Science
- Planing the work with informing about software patents
- Making the day-to-day operation plan to reduce time on operation
- Making a LTSP, NoMachine, Half-thick-client project-plan. (LTSP-Jim,
  FAJ, RW)
- Making a leadership guide for how to facilitate open source projects
- Following up the question about making Debian Edu weekly news (VB)
- It's probably something I left out

By Knut Yrvin August 25th 2004

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