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Re: List of possible XkbModel entries per locale

Hi Konstantinos,

Consta no registro %KM18253 do Livro da Grande Teia que
Konstantinos, em 18/08/04 escreveu o seguinte:

> Hi, I'd like to make a complete list of every X keyboard config for
> each locale. I'm certain I miss many entries, but I would appreciate
> it if you sent me feedback to make sure that all locales have the
> correct config. Here is the list so far (borrowed and slightly changed
> from the Skolelinux):

'pt_BR'       => { LAYOUT => 'br', XKBModel => 'abnt2' },


'pt_BR'       => { LAYOUT => 'us_intl', XKBModel => 'pc104' }

depending if the computer has the native language keyboard (the first)
or the US model.


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