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Weekly report week 32, plans for week 33

* Andreas Schuldei (andreas@schuldei.org) [040801 23:38]:
> In the next week i plan to
> - follow up on the tax and social security authorities.

done that. the partial progress consists in the social security
office now trying to get in touch with the tay office. the
respnsibel person there wont be back for a week, though.

> - mail all those bills i have to norway. vidar, markus, could you
>   please mail me your postal addresses again?

done that.

> - work more on the job specification

i asked pere for some feedback. no progress otherwise.

> - massaging the debian part of the cerebrum package into shape

done. (a couple of small patches and a minor cleanup in the
debian/rules). i did not get any answers from the (overloaded)
cerebrum developers, who seem to be fixing some problems which
cropped up. this blocks the work, somehow, so i still dont know
how to use cerebrum and have not uploaded it yet either.

> - expand the "small programming jobs" list with more details once
>   i find out what people want to know

there was no technical feedback or questions, so nothing happend
there. I communicated with some other people who had more general
questions about the page, though.

> - look at other schoolservers user admin system and ldap
>   stucture.

did that (alongside with some friendly mails to the suse guy) and
looked at their code a bit. They took some different design
decisions. For example they decided to write object oriented perl
spagetty code where we dont code explicitly object orientated
but structured with CGI::Application and HTML::Template. They
dont use user private groups and can for that reason use the
primary group to filter on in ACLs (e.g. to allow junior admins
to change student passwords). They use CGI scripts in apache, we
use webmin. i would not want to follow those design decisions or
am not in the position to switch away from webmin so this gives
intereresting insights but is not really usable right away.

besides that i
- spent some time with a ldif peoblem that finnarne experienced
- did irc support and bug hunting for Patrick and Ralf in germany
  and filed a bug (807) agaist samba (waiting for finnarne to say
  something about it now)
- telephone germany
- tryed to spread the news on the german userlist about the use
  of CGI::Application and HTML::Template for webmin modules,
  supplying some example code (and asked people to put it on the
  german website)
- got more informed about clustering filesystems and AFS after
  rumors about afs beeing broken on 2.6, then reading more rumors
  both in favour of and against AFS on afs`s mailinglist.
- hunted a bug to get my personal workstation going again
  regarding libXrender and solved the problem but people are
  undecided if it is a real bug or a local thing.
- upgraded my firewall from the depreciated 2.4 to the
  recommended 2.6 selinux. i experienced numerous crashes since
- researched the possibility of a progress bar for the user
  creation process in WLUS

an obstacle i encountered is that i developed symptoms of RSI
(repetetive stain injury) in my left ring finger from depressing
the tab key (during workspace switching under kde) with the
finger beeing bent sidewards, slighly. i restrained myself from using
keyboards over the weekend and have the finger disabled now. Time
will show.

plans for the next week:
- my son develops red spots and a high fever. this makes planning
- upload cerebrum to woody-test so that petter can try to install
  it on developer. (c:
- adjust cerebrum configuration according to what we learned from
- (allready done:) an other visit to the tax office
- fix (together with finnarne) the samba ldap structure
- if time permits, check out the kerberos configuration by
  Maximilian and Aktur.

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