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RE: About the AMD32/64 support with Skolelinux/Debian-Edu


> onsdag 28. juli 2004, 15:31, skrev Gavin McCullagh:
> > * Xeons are recommended (if I've translated the Norwegian hardware 
> > page
> >    correctly) and Athlon MPs are not so.  What is the opinion on 
> > Opterons
> >    in 32-Bit mode?
> Older AMD Athlons MP processors had stability problems. The 
> new Opteorns don't have this problems. But we don't know 
> about any schools that has tested Opterons in day-to-day use 
> yet. We really want teachers to tell us if they has some 
> experience whit this. 

We've done this (run opteron in prod), and I know at least one other school
has, since every time someone says that it's never been done - we protest :)

The server has been running since may.

No problems detected.

Sven Tore

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