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cerebrum debian-edu/skolelinux integration


These are the meeting minutes to the telephone meeting of 
Mathias Meisfjordskar, Petter Reinholdtsen and Andreas Schuldei
on the 23th of july 2004 regarding the integration of cerebrum
into debian-edu (aka skolelinux).


- Cerebrum should store persons, persongroups and machines (rooms
  will not be managed as special entities, but will be managed in
- it will export to ldap (userdatabase, netgroups, to be used by
  glibc pam/nss) and Mailsystem (exim).
- automatic account creation
- automatic account movements between groups, servers, partitions
  (use scripts from UiO, will need some adjustments)
- manage (specify and update) printer quotas.
- high speed for data transfer of long lists from cerebrum to the
  GUI, and from changed data to the directories (aka "update
  - incremental update to ldap are *fast* (this should take care
    of fast update propagation)
  - mulit-threading to the database is coming (should provide
    good responsiveness for the data transfers to the GUI))

Nice to have features (more or less urgent)

- store machine groups (even printers) in cerebrum, too
- scripts for controlled account destruction (see
  process_changes, changelog scanning), hooks for this exist
- push back changed passwords and other data from the directories
  to cerebrum in an event driven way (e.g. changing Samba
  attributes or changed passwords (what else?)). At UiO all
  password changes are done using https://password.uio.no/, that
  means directly in cerebrum, not via some directory.
- direct postgresql table manipulation? (enquiry from
  Baden-Würtemberg)  Data inconsistencys likely, therefore
  strongly discouraged
- kerberos integration
- sending mail to mailing lists.  We want to be able to send
  emails to the user groups if this is enabled.

(provided by Mathias)

- Cerebrum is in production in norwegian Universities ("Høgskolen
  i Sør-Trøndelag", "Høgskolen i Agder", "UiO", "University of
  Tromsø") and in Feide2Go.
- problems in the FeideToGo project mostly politcal/money-raising
  and in the structuring of information (XML ...)
- Mathias has done basic import filters, but because of the
  missing structure (to be provided by the above stalling
  process) courses and parents data is missing in Feide2Go
- a working Mail and ldap interface exists ( we need samba on top
  of that)
- ldap mail schemas are "universal" and should just work
- export to Active Directory exist.
- Mathias will write import/export scripts for TPSys and perhaps
  other existing school administrative systems. 

Package Status
(provided by Andreas)

- not worthwhile to package the webinterface yet, it might be
  useable around christmas
- bofhd runs, but the jobrunner went missing. :-(
- Mathias provided some basic config files (from Feide2Go) as an
  easy starting point
- we need to dumb down and simplify cerebrum's userinterfaces
  somewhat to not shock teachers and unsuspecting admins


- update cerebrum package (andreas, probabtly week 31)
- upload package to sid and file RC bug to keep it out of sarge.
- xml file spec for import of person info into cerebrum
- configuration (andreas et.al.) 
- package currently uses python 2.3 (versus 2.2 in cvs), check
  version requirements
- import/update/export scripts (export scripts are there and
  require some adjustment ( Samba is missing entirely))
- documentation (Jasmine (UiO))
  - what is cerebrum, 
  - info to prospective users how to use cerebrum (bofh/web
    interface doc) 
  - importing / exporting to/from cerebrum - developers doc 
  - administration of cerebrum 
- What are the german project's "Musterlösung Baden-Würtemberg"
  requirements towards cerebrum?. 

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