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weekly report week 30

Work done this week:

 - Finished up tasksel support for plugins.
 - Modified debian-edu task packages to be installable from tasksel.
   This removes the dependencies from the tasks, and solves the problem
   that has so far kept them out of Debian testing.
 - Modified debian-edu-install to work with the new task setup.
 - Modified the CD build process to use the new task info, put all the
   right stuff on the CD based on it, and generate a list of packages
   that did not fit on the first CD.
 - Coordinated the debian-installer release (still in progress, but on
 - Wrote debian-installer release announcement.
 - Fixed various debian-installer bugs.
 - Set up two more test systems, both are old so will be used mostly for 
   thin client testing.

Plans for next week:

 - Continue working toward the d-i release.
 - Add a file somewhere that lists bugs in sarge debian-edu packages, like
   this one:
 - Add a file that lists unavailable packages in sarge that are wanted by
   the tasks.

see shy jo

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