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eWeek Opinions: Picking Your Lightweight Linux Desktop

By Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols July 15, 2004:


  To deploy LTSP properly, though, you do need to have a wee bit of
  Linux expertise in the house. If you don't, there's a new,
  easy-to-use Linux thin-client package based on LTSP and Debian Linux
  that almost anyone can set up: Skolelinux.

  Skolelinux was designed for school use with minimal resources in
  every sense of the word. This Norwegian-created Linux distribution
  is the easiest-to-install thin-client operating system, regardless
  of its parent operating system, that I've ever seen.

  But that doesn't mean that it's underpowered. It comes with
  OpenOffice and an assortment of other popular open-source programs,
  including the Mozilla Web browser and Evolution groupware. If you
  want a powerful Linux thin-client solution that's simple and cheap,
  Skolelinux would be my first choice.



- Knut

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