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Weekly repport from week 28

* Meetings

- With Stein Lier in Akershus County Council concerning the progress
  of translating OpenOffice, testing, and financial issues.
- Telephone meeting with Martin Hauge at Møre og Romsdal County
  Council about further actions with the OpenOffice work.
- Talk with Thomas Gramstad about applications to finance
  developer-gatherings in Norway (and other Nordic countries).
  Background (A 1341):

* Work

- Weekly repports for the "work to death"-week at EU-commision,
  LinuxTag, and GUADEC 2004.
- Writing the work specification for Knut Yrvin at SLX Debian Labs 
- Writing and sending the letter about unfair competition from the
  government when procuring software to the schools
- Handled a short answer from (ekspedisjonssjef) Eva Hildrum Director,
  General at Ministry of Transport and Communications, Norway
- Changed office from third flore to fifth.
- Evaluation of the application from Donna Stevens
  <trekkie(at)online.no> of translating the book "Driftbok - hvordan
  sette opp og drifte et Skolelinux-nettverk". It's now in a Norwegian
  version. We realy need it in english.
- Discussions about how to help Raymond Robertsen
  <raymond.robertsen(at)stortinget.no> +47 908 37 137 in his effort to
  make a Nordic Centre of Excellence.  Nordic Council has a policy
  decision to do this the same way as the Netherlands Open Source
  Centre (ososs.nl) to provide advice on the purchase and/or use of
  open source programmes and to develop best-practice models.
- Starting the application process to get some founding for the work
  with translating useful documents, and participation in workshops to
  share experiences with developing and use of free software in the

* Next step 

- Making a proposal for a job  description to Andreas Schuldei
- Making a over all project outline (See weekly repport week 27)
- Continue pursuing the financing of the OpenOffice 2.0 translation
- Participate in the mini developer-gathering at Forsknigsparken
  Tuesday july the 13'th.
- Deliver a application to EU2FOSS
- Take contact with the security and maintenance-team in Skolelinux to
  get a proposoal in how we shuld flag the restart-issue when doing
  security patches. A lot of security-fixes don't need restart, but
  the kernel-updates does. 
- Taking contact with In/Out and others to make a "save workhours"
  when changing broken scsi-disks at schools.
- Make weekly rapport for week 29 monday july the 19'th 2004.

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