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Re: New strings to translate in debian-edu-install.

On 2004-07-09 11:37, Julien Valroff wrote:
> Le vendredi 9 Juillet 2004 17:10, Klaus Ade Johnstad a écrit :
> > I have uploaded to alioth some new strings to be translated in
> > debian-edu-install.
> >
> > Language: fr.po
> > 21 translated messages, 15 untranslated messages.
> Hi!
> Could you please explain where the file can be found ?
> Thanks in advance for your help ;-)

debian-edu cvs on alioth.debian.org: 
	module src/debian-edu-install/debian/po/

is the webcvs link

<tip type="for future reference">
 all the locations of to-be-translated files are linked to from 
Cheers, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)
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