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Re: Zope structured text cannot handle latin1 code

Le mer 30/06/2004 à 17:35, Alex Brasetvik a écrit :
> > I think structured text support latin code but Zope need to be started
> > with special command, for example -L "fr_FR.ISO_8859-1" should make it
> > support at least latin1 page code.
> Using a French locale won't help too much for the Norwegian, German, Portuguese,
> English and further localized sites.

You are right iso-8859-1 is not what is needed as the text is already
typed in with utf-8 encoding. I did not pay attention to that.

In plone the charset setting is by default set to utf-8, so what we
would like is to get structured text to work with utf-8 charset.

Looking at Google, it appears other people are also interested to get
structured text to work with, there are some informations how to make it


Can you try some?

Best regards,

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Ingénierie Éducative
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