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Re: making changes to the sarge configuration only?

Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> what is the prefered way to make changes to the sarge cd only?
> do we allready have an infrastructure to feed changes only to it
> and not to the woody configuration?
> i dont know the buildsystems, i guess you are in a better
> position to recomment something (or come up with a solution even :-).
> we would like to test things like ssh-krb5, integrate a CA, make
> ldap use certs, ...

It depends on the kind of change.

If you only need to add a changed package to the CD, there are two ways,
either get the package into sarge in the usual way, and then it will get
on the CD (this is preferred), or add the packages to
and manually regenerate the packages files (I plan to automate this
soon). Make any necessary changes to the debian-edu branch in debian-cd
cvs to get the package included on the CD.

If you need to make a modification to the debian-edu packages, some of
those are AFAIK also used for skolelinux and so must support both woody
and sarge. I know this is true of debian-edu-config and
debian-edu-install, not sure about the task packages.

see shy jo

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