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Re: Call for French and German translators.

Julien Valroff wrote:

Thank you !
But I have not understood that the sites were going to be "separate" sites. I think it is an excellent thing that will allow each team to customize the content according to local requirements.

Yes, we figured out that seperate sites were more flexible, in addition
to that it works without use of very exotic Plone products, causing all
sorts of errors :)

But don't you think it might be hard for each local team to have a site up-to-date? Are we going to be alerted when a change occures on the main international site (for example, a new piece of news was posted)?

We'll use the www-int list for such. I hope to have time to write a
script to sync the various Plone sites with content in CVS, where
docbook can be used :)

Now I need somebody to translate the English pages[3] to French
and German :-)

We have been waiting for this day for quite a long time now, so this must not be a major problem. Is this a problem for you Hilaire? ;-) Now, waiting for your instructions, Sir!

Great. Please join #debian-edu on Freenode :-)

I have just registered on the French website with username  "Julien"

I've added you to the moderators group.

Alex Brasetvik

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