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Re: Release 0.9.13 of Dr. Geo

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[My response is at the bottom]

Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
| Hello Jonas,
| No I dit not want to send notice to the package maintainer, I just
| want to say about a new release.
| As I am the upstream author and the package maintainer aswell, the
| .deb package should be available in Debian repository in a couple of
| hours.
| Regards,
| Hilaire
| Le mar 08/06/2004 à 15:44, Jonas Smedegaard a écrit :
| Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
| | Hello,
| |
| | Dr. Geo is an interactive geometry software featuring unique features as
| | scriptability, interfaca adaptability, functionaly defined interactive
| | figure.
| |
| | Release 0.9.13 is out since yesterday evening. It can be found at
| | http://www.ofset.org/drgeo
| Hi Hilaire!
| The best approach for noticing new upstream releases of software is to
| file a bugreport (severity "wishlist") against the Debian package
| containing it.

Oh sorry, I was not aware (and did not check) that you maintained the
package yourself.

In that case I suggest in the future that you mention more clearly your
intend of such posting.

I still do not understand why you want to explicitly make us debian-edu
folks aware of a new release of your software. Is the release critical
for possible adoption into debian-edu? Or for removal? Shoould we simply
~ know about your software then why focus on a specific release?

No matter what you reason is, please make it obvious.

(and no, I am not annoyed - just want to educate you, and others
listening on this list, to improve - for the good of us all).


~ - Jonas

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