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Re: mozilla, j2re1.4, Request for Test

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fredag 21. mai 2004, 00:38, skrev Finn-Arne Johansen:
> Also. since all we had was mozilla 1.0 which failed heavily on some
> websites, Opera is installed as default. Well, some tells me that
> Opera doesn't work properly on www.fronter.com and others. Also,
> Opera _is_ closed source, and although they are friendly to somehow
> listen to our problems, There is still problems. And it will keep
> causing trouble when we enter sarge. That is why I propose to replace
> opera with mozilla to be installed by the workstation-task, and the
> standalone-task. Most sysadm's on the schools tend to install mozilla
> anyhow.

Yes, the first thing I do is to install Mozilla.  I've been using 
Mozilla 1.5 and j2re1.4 from ~finnarne/mozilla/  for some weeks on 
servers in production, and they work fine. 

It's a must to have Mozilla installed on my systemt, otherwise my users 
can't use their daily pedagocic websites such as classfronter, viten.no 
and some more, these sites doesn't function well for some reasons in 
Opera or Konqueror.

I'd very much like to have Mozilla 1.5/1.6 installed as default instead 
of Opera. 

> I Also propose to replace j2re1.3 with j2re1.4.

I agree, would be nice to have j2re1.4 instead of j2re1.3, there is some 
programs we use in the school that needs this newer version.

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