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Re: CVS update: skolelinux/www/testing/wlus 003_delete_many_users.txt

[Andreas Schuldei]
> yes. that is what we do. right now users and their homedirs are
> only physically *deleted* when something goes wrong in the user
> creation process, to not clutter up the login- and mainaccount
> namespace.

Hm.  This will leave a lot of files on the disk.  If the home
directory isn't deleted by wlus, we need to have procedures for
packing up and removing the home directories after a while.

I intended that to be left for cerebrum with its multi-stage account
removal, and that wlus should just remove the home directory and mail
spool when a user was deleted.  After all, if this isn't intended, the
account should be closed.  Is this a bad idea?

If the home directories and mail spools of deleted users are left on
the disk, we need to have script to remove them when they are getting
too old to keep.

At the very least, we should move the home directories of deleted
users into a special directory, to make it easier to process them.

> the home directory is not removed, it is made inaccessable, wating
> for a proper user-cleanup and deletion with cerebrum.

Oh.  I suspect disks will fill up before schools actually implement
Cerebrum on them.

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