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[Bug 641] The CD-ROM integrity test failed.


------- Additional Comments From klaus@astro.uio.no  2004-04-25 11:47 -------
I downloaded the rc1-image, checked it's md5sum and it matched.
Then I loopback mounted the iso-image, and ran a md5sum on the individual files
in the image, checked those against the md5sum.txt file on the cd, this is the
./dists/sarge/non-US/Contents-i386.gz  FAILED
./dists/sarge/Contents-i386.gz         FAILED
./dists/sid/non-US/Contents-i386.gz    FAILED
./dists/sid/Contents-i386.gz       FAILED
./README.html                FAILED
./README.non-US       FAILED

Why do these files fail the md5sum?

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