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Hardware specs.

In response to: Re: Several Questions coming into my mind :)

I'm curious, but what are the limitations you've run across? I know that "way back when" there was a corporation that ran about 400 people off of a single dual 1GHz box. mind you, not all simultaneously, but capable of it.

The LTSP site has really outdated info for recommended hardware. I know that 15 machines on a 1800+ Athlon and 700MB RAM hardly misses a beat unless everyone starts a different app at once, but all are using KDE 3.2, OOo 1.1, GIMP 2.0, Scribus, etc. all at once.

What are basic limits you all see for say, 800MHz, 1GHz, 1.5, 2.0 etc?


Bjørn Ove Grøtan wrote:

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Dear developers and supporters of skolelinux,

1.) Terminal Server both on Tjener AND additional machine?
It is well known that you can both: run all services on one machine (the tjener) and export the terminal function to secondary servers whilst the tjener does mainly the LDAP and internet tasks. Question: Is it possible to have additional terminal servers despite Tjener being a terminal server itself? (My idea was that in this case one could have win clients on the back bone with samba access to Tjener and allow them to boot via LAN alternatively to act as thin clients)

Of course.. you can only have so many clients per TerminalServer given
the resources. Add as many TerminalServers as you need to serve your
thin clients.

2.) MySQL on Tjener?
I plan to train a course for a M$ Access exam (ECDL %&$§#). At least with version 1.1 (1.0?), open office has a comparable front end to mysql. Now I wonder if I should use a mysql server on Tjener or if it was wiser to install it on the terminal server that serves the pupils' thin clients (in case mysql conflicts with LDAP or in case of security issues). What's your advise?

Can't see that mysql could conflict with LDAP. They have nothing in
common other than that they serve data.

Personally I don't see a problem installing MySQL on Tjener.
3.) Is my impression right, that "Tjener" derives from the same Germanic root as the German equivalent "Diener" (buttler, servant)?


Minor Questions that most likely have been answered before (sorry):
- How to make the wheel of an optical Logitech USB mouse work (connected with USB to PS2 adaptor, Epia Thin Clients)?
- How to install flash globally (any objections)?
- How come paste and copy using the midmousebutton doesn't work on a skolelinux work station (same Logitech Mouse)?

Check if the mousedriver is "ImPS/2" and not just "PS/2" in
/etc/X11/XF86-Config-4 (iirc)

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