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WLUS 1.2-29

since the last anoucement quite a bit happend:

  * make cronjob silent, when not deleting anything 
  * added debian/conffiles for the cron file
  * worked around a mysterious bug requireing IO::Socket::SSL in
         Data::Dumper, line 150, by removing a debug call from
	 get_ldap_user(), which destroyed out CreateUsers page.
  * fail when giving a weak password in the common password box
  * switching sides of the input fields for the names and groups in
  * changing default ldapserver from localhost to ldap (since that what the
         certificate is saying), removed defgid, minid and maxid, since
	 they are not used, anyway. 
  * when a common password is given and too weak, replace it completely,
         not append to it
  * update the module configuration information
  * cronjob to remove stale statefiles
  * only sync passwd with samba when sambasync is set
  * fix a problem where deleted users could remain members of groups
  * disableing sambasync by default
  * wider search for member groups in ldap_get_membergroups and 
  * delete user private groups when the user moves to the attic
  * fix bug in EditUserData`s password changing

so this release is both smoothing out things on top and behind
the scenes. 


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