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Re: Short report from testing the WLUS 1.2-27

[Knut Yrvin]
> 3. The pupils in 1-4 grade don't remember complex password. Remember
>    that this is mainly a system for the lover grades, and until 10-th
>    grade. The ICT-person at a school don't need university-level of
>    password-handling yet. They can have that option, but not as
>    default.

I do not buy this argument.  In my experience, 6-year olds are able to
remember anything they want to remember.  If they are told that they
are expected to remember the key sequence to get in, and that it not a
good option to just forget it, I believe they will remember it.  If
their teacher claim that the pupils are unable to remember the
passwords, I am sure the pupils will find it acceptable to forget
their passwords.

Using week passwords have serious security impact, and it was a bug
that the quality of the passwords were not checked.  It had to be
fixed before we release.

The only reason it is a configure option is to keep those teaches with
no trust in their pupils happy.  If they want to compromise the
security of their system by allowing bad passwords, they will have to
do it on their own, and not because the default configuration allows

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