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Re: Test-Case 004 failed for WLUS 1.2-25

onsdag 21. april 2004, 20:45, skrev Andreas Schuldei:
> that is a good idea. i had it too and disregarded it because then
> i would need to re-transmit that password in the html-code of the
> page. 

This is strange to me because you already store the Admin-password on the 
server-side, dosn't you? Then you show that to the user by, yes - giving 
them stars in the Admin-password field. 

> if i would just transmit stars or some other junk, it would seem
> to webmin and wlus that this junk was entered as a password. i
> cant help that, that is how http and html works. 

That was the general idea. You also have to give the user the oportynity to 
remove the stars, and retype the password themselves. 

I did not comment on the value of real world because the WLUS is not in 
production, and you did not separate a request for a feature from the 
real-life-test of the function implemented. When not distinguising this to 
different fixed places, then it's easy to get blind. Here is why: 

It's pretty obvious that leeving a feeld blank is not a good things when you 
sometimes get an error-message where the field requires a password, and 
other times don't need a password in the same place. When hundreds of 
teachers expericenses that, they will give you real life feedback that you 
long will remember. 

- K

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