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Re: Suggestion: Logging Apps used :)

rgx, 27.03.2004 11:56:

Am Samstag, 27. März 2004 07:50 schrieb Vidar Tyldum:

man accton
man sa
man lastcomm

Dear Vidar,

thanks for your reply. You are right that one mustn't be too detailed with such statistical monitorings - all I wanted is a counter like

kmail: accessed 3928 times, last on Dec 12, 2003.

(maybe additionally, how many different users).

The three names you dropped above, are neither installed nor installable via apt-get. Did you check it?

apt-get install acct
(most systems have it, that's why I just gave you some starters)

'Process accounting' logs when a command was run, who ran it and what resources it used. A lot more extensive than what you suggest, but it should be a part of a sysadmin's kit. Especially on a terminal server I can imagine it being very useful to see what programs are most popular.

Any further comments? :)

Like the idea :)

Vidar Tyldum

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