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Re: non-free?

> I see no reason to remove existing software from the CD unless there
> is a better alternative available.  And I definitely see no reason to
> spend time removing software from the CD without a better alternative
> when there are lots and lots of problems to fix with the software on
> the CD.

Second that.

The question of including non-free software in Skolelinux is purely a 
religious one. I've seen the same thing going on in the Debian news lists.

The aim of Skolelinux is AFAIK not to preach some Linux gospel if such things 
exist. It is to provide stable and prudent IT services to the education 
sector at a competitive cost.

Hence I believe that this whole free non-free discussion is a Debian debate 
and not a skolelinux discussion. The Debian project may choose as they wish. 
Skolelinux persue their own goals that may or may not conform to the Debian 
goals. All in the true spirit of free as in speach.

As seen from my seat, the skolelinux developers are very positive to introduce 
new packages as long as they hold a decent quality and fit in onto the CD. 
Any suggestion I have witnessed has been given considerable thought. A much 
more positive attitude than a political ban on all non-free software.

There is no need for compromizes. A fork is a better solution if you feel 
strongly about non-free software.


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