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Re: non-free?

Le mar 23/03/2004 à 16:48, Knut Yrvin a écrit :

> Good questions about Opera. Here is he becauses ... :-)
> Because we made up Skolelinux at a summer party at Haakon Wium Lie who is 
> Chief Technology Officer at Opera Software. 
> http://lwn.net/Articles/47510/
> Petter Reinholdtsen has worked there a couple of years ago. It is great for 
> presentations (and kills off the PowerPoint-followes). 
> Opera is a Norwegian SW-product and we like it because we are 
> Norwegians :-). Opera Software has made a Skolelinux-version of their 
> browser. 

Richard is American as is Microsoft so.... this leas us nowhere ;-)

Mozilla should replace Opera within Skolelinux.

As Skolelinux is becoming Debian-Edu, it is its dutty to promote free
software, don't you?

Can we start working in that first issue?


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