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[Bug 648] max groups in kernel is defined to 16 over NFS


------- Additional Comments From herman@skolelinux.no  2004-03-22 18:46 -------
qoute Andreas Schuldei: "run everything on one server" (as a workaround)

 But the server may be unsuitable as a file server.  E.g. new thin client 
servers are sold with a single IDE disk, because a SCSI raid would be overkill.

 Using that as a file server is a disruptive disk crash waiting to happen!  
Adding a SCSI raid may not be an option for a 1U rackmount server; there is not 
enough room for that.

 In a typical scenario the school will use a somewhat old server with a RAID as 
the file server, and purchase a new dual-CPU server for the thin clients.  The 
thin client server will not have RAID, as the school will leverage its old 
servers for disk intensive tasks.

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