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Re: developer:/home out of space.

søndag 21. mars 2004, 16:39, skrev Petter Reinholdtsen:
> [Morten Werner Olsen]
> > I've noticed that /home on developer.s.n is soon out of free space,
> > and requesting all with an account on developer (and with their $home
> > in /home) to clean up your $home's and remove unused files...
> These are the top-ten disk space users on /home/:
>   973464  gautehk
>   731596  barbarossa
>   578080  vb
>   486392  trond
>   387724  jakob
>   385424  roy
>   371120  marius
>   355012  ragnar
>   296656  gildseth
>   280292  werner
> All of them are active contributors, so it is not very strange that
> they are using some space.  Perhaps some of them have something that
> can be removed?
> > To drift@s.n: do we have more disk-space so we can extend /home?
> Well, lets see if the users can clean away some cruft first.

Just logged in to check status for my home:
skogmus@developer:~$ du -sh
Ehh ...? (doing some investigation)

Ops, I had accidently left behind an old root-image. Clearing out this image 
released 136M or so.
(Are there anyone else making the same sort of mistake ??)

Anyway; please accept my apologies.

Gjermund Skogstad

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