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Re: developer:/home out of space.

[Morten Werner Olsen]
> I've noticed that /home on developer.s.n is soon out of free space,
> and requesting all with an account on developer (and with their $home
> in /home) to clean up your $home's and remove unused files...

These are the top-ten disk space users on /home/:

  973464  gautehk
  731596  barbarossa
  578080  vb
  486392  trond
  387724  jakob
  385424  roy
  371120  marius
  355012  ragnar
  296656  gildseth
  280292  werner

All of them are active contributors, so it is not very strange that
they are using some space.  Perhaps some of them have something that
can be removed?

> To drift@s.n: do we have more disk-space so we can extend /home?

Well, lets see if the users can clean away some cruft first.

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