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New xdebconfigurator.


I've made a new release of xdebconfigurator (1.04), and wants some
people to test it before moving into our stable archives. Test

 (1) run 'xdebconfigurator -cdiklmprx' on your system, and save the
 (2) add 'deb ftp://ftp.skolelinux.no/skolelinux/ woody-test local' to
     your /etc/apt/sources.list
 (3) run 'apt-get update && apt-get install xdebconfigurator'
 (4) run 'xdebconfigurator -x' again, and save the output
 (5) remove/comment the line from (2)
 (6) run 'apt-get update' again
 (7) check if there is any differences between the output from (1) and
     (4), and please report a bug [1] or send a mail to this list (or
     to me) with the output from (1) and (4) attached if they differ
     to much.

(Running xdebconfigurator with the 'x' option will not change any
settings on your computer.)

Thanks in advance,

- Werner

[1] http://bugs.skolelinux.no/enter_bug.cgi

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