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Release Party in Germany 28.3.04

dear skoletuxe

skolelinux release 1.0 is about to come.

so we will have a party in Oslo and in Borgholzhausen in Germany too.

town             inhabitans
Borgholzhausen     8.676
Oslo             521.892

2000 years ago there was a battle in the teutoburger forest. the
romans lost this battle against the germans.

and as well-informed people know, the Romans fled not to Rome but
to Redmond.

so very little towns can play an important role in history ;-)

everybody in Germany and around who like to have party with us,
is invided, especialy debian developers are invited.

more information can be found in the wiki:


and as a wiki, put your information there too

best regards

LUG Ravensberg      http://www.lugrav.de
alt!       http://www.computerinfotag.de
neu!            http://www.skolelinux.de
kurt@lugrav.de  GnuPG Key ID   E263 FCD4

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