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Re: Too many default groups in Skolelinux' LDAP schema?

onsdag 17. mars 2004, 10:32, skrev Ragnar Wisloff:
> There's been an entertaining discussion about this :-)

In Norway it's expected that this kind of complexity with many-many 
groups and projects is handled by the LMS (Learning Management 
System/Læringsadministrative systemer) as Class Fonter, It's Learning 
and so on. A LMS is crusual in the new Program for Digital Competence 
from the Ministry of Education and Research from 2004-2008. It's not 
traslated yet:


The testing of group performnce have made som positive contributions to 
the login-issu with many simultaneous users. Yesterday a dry-run showed 
us that it was reduced from 2 min. to 16 sec. whith an other 
db-backend, upgraded LDAP and bether tuning of the ldap-configuration. 

Thats good, but In my humble opinion it's not necesary with more than 
2-4 grups for a pupil. The class, their role (pupil), and 1-2 projects. 
That should be enough. Let the LMS handle the higher levels of ambition 
with the Program for Digital Competence, project-documents for the 
pupils, classes and groups and so on. This is deeply rooted in the new 
strategy form the Ministrys of Education. They dont ask for added group 
complexity on file-livel. They  expect LMS'es to handle this and other 
kinds of complexity :-)

If you are unfamiliar with LMS'es. Here is some links I found: 
http://www.itsolutions.no/ (under the menu products)



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