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[Bug 523] Missing common words in norwegian dictionary for OpenOffice.org


marius@kotsbak.com changed:

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           Severity|minor                       |normal
            Version|pr40                        |pr47

------- Additional Comments From marius@kotsbak.com  2004-03-15 23:30 -------
I reproduced it on my OO 1.1.x with the dictionary installed: 
Type in this text: "Dette er da en test for å sjekke manglende ord i ordlista." 
Mark the text, right mouse on the field -> character -> language=norwegian 
bokmål. "da" and "for" gets a red marking. 
The nynorsk version did accept "da" and "for", but not "en"! 
This is probably caused by a bug in the script to convert the dictionary to the 
mysqell format used by OOo. 
The dictionaries are probably in the packages you mentioned. 

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