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[Bug 523] Missing common words in norwegian dictionary for OpenOffice.org


pere@hungry.com changed:

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------- Additional Comments From pere@hungry.com  2004-03-12 14:48 -------
Can you explain how to test this, for us that do not use OOo?  Is the error
in the Bokmål or the Nynorsk version of the dictinoary?

I suspect the packages in question are openoffice.org-spellcheck-nb-no or
openoffice.org-spellcheck-nn-no.  Can you verify?

Package: openoffice.org-spellcheck-nb-no
Priority: optional
Section: contrib/editors
Installed-Size: 5388
Maintainer: Gaute Hvoslef Kvalnes <gaute@verdsveven.com>
Architecture: all
Source: openoffice.org-spellcheck-nb
Version: 20020814
Provides: openoffice.org-spellcheck
Depends: openoffice.org (>= 1.0.0-pre1.0.1rc1)
Recommends: openoffice.org-l10n-nb
Filename: dists/woody/local/binary-i386/non-official/openoffice.org-spellcheck-nb-no_20020814_all.deb
Size: 1183042
MD5sum: b298bb7b39d80170681a1f4564349e5e
Description: Norwegian Bokmål spellchecking for OpenOffice.org (Norway)
 OpenOffice.org does not ship with a spellcheck for foreign languages
 such as Norwegian Bokmål because of licensing issues.
 The dictionary is prepared by Marius Kotsbak, based on
 Rune Kleveland's Norwegian ISpell dictionary.

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