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A core API for Skolelinux? (was: ...anti-software-patent...)

 This discussion should continue on the debian-edu list.

On Tue, 2004-03-09 at 00:30, Thomas Templin wrote:

> On Monday 08 March 2004 21:12, Herman Robak wrote:

> >  The core parts of Skolelinux (installer, servers, configuration,
> > webmin, XFree, etc.) are not DE-dependant, and could be used as
> > a base for a Gnomified Skolelinux.  There are a few KDE-specific
> > tricks performed by cfengine on workstations and the thin client
> > server.  But the main server profile is quite GUI-independant.

> And thats what makes Skolelinux interesting for the development
> of an addon desktop cd.

 We know an addon CD has to come.  Skolelinux is somewhat
barebones, by design.  It is supposed to get you a network
with file servers, workstations and thin clients, and a 
reasonable set of network services and applications.  And
it shall install in a snap and work out of the box, without
manual configuration.  A true turn-key system.
 Many users will consider Skolelinux CD 1 as an installer.
It will kick-start their network, so they can get quickly
started putting in add-ons.

> On the other hand it might become very tricky if other addons will appear.
> To prevent inconsistencies there has to be some kind of layer 
> (Zwischenschicht / Kommunikations Trennlinie) definition which gives the 
> basic ruleset for further addon cd's.

 The add-ons should not be designed against moving targets.
Creating add-ons for pre-1.0 releases of Skolelinux should
be discouraged.

>  But Ive never seen this before and I don't know if its 
> possible at all. I don't think so I presume.

 It would require Skolelinux to freeze a lot of things, and to 
document the way things work with great care.  Skolelinux will
commit itself to not break anything in 1.0 after it is shipped.
You have some assurance there, but it is not an API.

 Herman Robak

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