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Re: Repeat the anti-software-patent campaign? It's back, and it's worse now! (URL)

Hi Herman
On Saturday 06 March 2004 23:01, Herman Robak wrote:
> The EU council has circulated a "compromise" counter-proposal
> to the decision made by the EU parliament last year on the
> patentability of software.
> Calling it a "compromise" is highly desceptive; it's
> much worse than the original.  But they press on,
> and it looks as if they will get through with it:
It's more like back to stoneage... :o(

> <http://swpat.ffii.org/news/04/cons0129/index.en.html>
FFII, http://www.ffii.org, People are planning to have some actions/events at 
Bruxelles for this. There also will be a "Parlamentarischer Abend", some kind 
of Informational event for german Potiticians of the Bundestag this 
Wednesday. Holger Blasum, blasum@informatik.uni-muenchen.de, and Hartmut 
Pilch, phm@ffii.de, will be the right people to get in contact.

There are also some guys of ATTAC Wissensalmende, a ATTAC group working on 
property rights, who will be in Brüssel too. Oliver Moldenhauer, 
moldenhauer@attac.de, may give further Informations about planned events.

Sven Kromminga and me (Volunteers of FSF Europe in Germany) are in contact 
with some people of the lower saxony greens and the lower saxony SPD (social 
democratic party). We are planning a seminar on the social and political 
aspects of Free Software for lower sxonian politicians of the green party  
during CeBIT fair at Hannover.


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