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Re: report of discussion with the moduleR guys at FreeEDEM

cobaco wrote:


- - What is modulR? Well it does what cfengine does with some extras:
     1. you can use it do change/maintain the configuration of a group of
         machine (we already have that with cfengine)
     2. the wanted machine configuration is defined at a meta level,
        decoupling the wanted policy from the configuration format and even
        the used software (so we could transparently change from, for
example one dhcp server to a completely different one. 3. I gathered they put a great amount of work in the (XML-ized) format for the meta-definitions. Among other things the meta-level has
        inheritance and seems to offer the possibility to easily suport
       customizations for specific situations at schools (like say changing
       the used netwerk adresses) customizations.

          -> coupled with 2 this seems to mean that you could do a
             customization once for a school, and then have it maintained
             transparently across upgrades and changes of used server

There's a new package in debian called pkgsinc which claims to perform a complimentary function that may be worth considering here:-


P.S. I put their project manager/leader in the CC, please keep him in there as he's not on the list to the best of my knowledge


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