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report of discussion with the moduleR guys at FreeEDEM

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Hi all,

at FreeEDEM we were asked to discuss possibileties for cooperation by a 
group of French developers working mainly on a project called ModulR. That 
meeting was originally planned for saturday evening when everyone was there 
but due to various circumstances it got postponed two time. In short the 
meeting did materialize at about 5 p.m sunday i.e. after all the Skolelinux 
people except me had left.

After some initial confusion (there developer present only spoke French , so 
their project manager had to translate, plus I started out with a somwhat 
wrong idea about what they wanted) I learned the following:

- - What is modulR? Well it does what cfengine does with some extras:
     1. you can use it do change/maintain the configuration of a group of
         machine (we already have that with cfengine)
     2. the wanted machine configuration is defined at a meta level,
        decoupling the wanted policy from the configuration format and even
        the used software (so we could transparently change from, for
       example one dhcp server to a completely different one. 
     3. I gathered they put a great amount of work in the (XML-ized) format 
        for the meta-definitions. Among other things the meta-level has
        inheritance and seems to offer the possibility to easily suport
       customizations for specific situations at schools (like say changing
       the used netwerk adresses) customizations.

          -> coupled with 2 this seems to mean that you could do a
             customization once for a school, and then have it maintained
             transparently across upgrades and changes of used server
      4. they even have someone working on (currently very limited) support
         for windows software, which might make migrations and mixed
        environments easier to maintain

They're very interested in seeing their project used by Skolelinux and as 
such their willing do the work necessary to make that happen (like 
conversions of our cfengine configurations to modulR-templates).

But there's currently one showstopper: all their documentation is solely in 
French. They said they'd make sure all their documentation get's 
translated, and their project manager even said he'd detail a time schedule 
for this (but not for about know due to RL concerns).

Seems to me the ball is currently in their court, any comments, 
questions, ... while we're waiting for translated documentions?

I put their project manager/leader in the CC, please keep him in there as 
he's not on the list to the best of my knowledge
- -- 
Bart Cornelis (aka cobaco):
    Coördinator Belgisch Skolelinux team
    Coördinator Nederlandse Skolelinux vertaling
Skolelinux België- http://i18n.skolelinux.no/belgium
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