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Re: Recommended anti-virus software on file servers?

cobaco wrote:
On 2004-03-02 14:05, Herman Robak wrote:

Do we have any free software that can provide decent
virus protection for Windows clients?  In mixed environments
anti-virus is pretty much required for the computers running
Windows.  We provide Samba, hence we support Windows clients.

an apt-cache search yields:


no idea how good/bad each of these is

Of those mentioned above, ClamAV is AFAIK the only competent virus scanner. The others contain simple filter rules to block e.g. *.txt.bat email attachments and/or wrappers for other (free or commercial) competent scanners.

I don't know your search, but AMaViS - "Interface between MTA and virus scanner/content filters" - ought to show as well.

 - Jonas

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