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new version of Snofrix live CD

Comments and criticism are welcome.



Snofrix is a Live CD for children and their teachers.
It features many games, communications tools, office
programs, and educational software, plus Windows 
installers for Norwegian OpenOffice.org 1.1 and 
Norwegian Mozilla 1.6.  A complete package list and 
screenshots are available at the same site as the CD:


The default language is Norwegian, but the CD is useable
also by an English speaking audience with the boot option

knoppix lang=us

I plan to make translations into other languages in
the near future (March).

The project home page may be found here:


Since the last release of the CD (2004-01-05), I have 
been working to produce more user-friendly documentation.  
The documentation was written by myself and Astri Kleppe,
with tranlation help from Axel Bojer.  This documentation
is also available via a link from the home page.

Arnt Ove Gregersen has made a fine home page:


If we don't have another delay, the CD will go to press
in mid-March, and be delivered together with skolemagasinet.

In the coming week, it is important to press out all the bugs,
and to make any improvements in useability that you can think of.
The documentation is not finished, but I release now because
I want people to have a copy for bug-testing purposes.


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