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Re: Common Live CD base and generator (was: Educational Collaboration)

El Sun, Feb 22, 2004 at 12:47:36PM +0100, p.carsten@arcor.de escribió:
> Hello,
> >     One of the tremendous strengths of Morphix, and the main reason
> >     my non-profit has chosen it, is that it very easily allows for
> >     customization of a LiveCD.  Want KDE? Place the KDE-MainModule
> >     into the mainmod directory.  Want to add OpenOffice? Place the
> >     OpenOffice-MiniModule
> Projects like morphix are magnificent, however each module needs
> maintenence outside of debian.
> The idea I would like a litle more would be a project to include a
> live CD base package into debian. Maybe with support from Morphix and
> others.
> A Debian Live CD generator, somthing like jigdo[1] for live CDs that
> can draw any .deb into a live CD.
> Peter

  Well, in the Debian Derivative Meeting (<http://www.ddeb.org/ddeb>)
  that took place during the Open Source World Conference
  (<http://www.opensourceworldconference.com/>) this week we talked
  about all the needs of Debian Customs Distributions and one of the
  tools we think is needed is a Live CD generator.

  In principle we talked about including the Knoppix tools or the
  Metadistros (http://metadistros.hispalinux.es/) ones, but nothing was

  One of my ideas about the Debian Live CD generator is to use other
  tools already in Debian (i.e. the debian-installer autodetection
  routines) and generate new ones from scratch or adapt existing ones,
  but anything that works is OK for me ... ;)
  Anyway, Andreas Tille is writting a document about the Custom Debian
  Distributions that sumarizes the things we talked about and after it's
  ready I'll try to initiate a discussion about the tools we need and
  will try to include all of them in Debian.

Sergio Talens-Oliag <sto@debian.org>   <http://people.debian.org/~sto/>
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