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Re: Common Live CD base and generator (was: Educational Collaboration)


There is someone working on a Morphix LiveCD generator. Basically you simply pick the modules you want and it automatically scripts the creation of the LiveCD. Yes, Morphix modules require maintenance above and beyond .deb packages, but they are simpler than Debian meta-packages in many respects. I've made a .deb package for the experiences and a morphix module and the latter was far easier. It's also important to realize that most people want groups of packages... KDE, Graphics, videos, etc. And it very much IS simply a debian liveCD. I'm just hoping we can build on it to use its strengths and those of debian.

Just some thoughts.  A bit distracted right now.


p.carsten@arcor.de wrote:


One of the tremendous strengths of Morphix, and the main reason my non-profit has chosen it, is that it very easily allows for customization of a LiveCD. Want KDE? Place the KDE-MainModule into the mainmod directory. Want to add OpenOffice? Place the OpenOffice-MiniModule

Projects like morphix are magnificent, however each module needs maintenence outside of debian.

The idea I would like a litle more would be a project to include a live CD base package into debian. Maybe with support from Morphix and others.

A Debian Live CD generator, somthing like jigdo[1] for live CDs that can draw any .deb into a live CD.


[1] http://www.debian.org/CD/jigdo-cd/

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