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Re: pr46: reboot after install necessary

lørdag 21. februar 2004, skrev knuty@skolelinux.no:

> It's at last 1 mandatory reboot when installing.
You refer to booting from hd during install, right?

> The apm-history is because your choice of hardware where some
> developers working on a profile for laptops with apm and so on.

Ok, you mean it is just a laptop issue, good I'll test on a PC once I have
the chance to wipe out a harddisk ;-)

> A I'm sorry to say that our manpower are limited, and we have to use
> our sparsely populated manpower on the Skolelinux main goal. If you
> wanna join in to get the laptop-profile better, just do it. You are
> welcome to join in as a laptop-profile tester in the work 
> with debian-installer :-)

No problem, I am already testing here after all. And looking around for
clues, even though if just qualified by the simple fact that I dared to
try ;-)



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