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Re: pr46: reboot after install necessary

lørdag 21. februar 2004, 19:42, skrev p.carsten@arcor.de:
> So Debian seems to need a reboot after install to work properly? :-(
> Should this be done automatically?

It's at last 1 mandatory reboot when installing. Then a lot of people
upgrade their kernel cause of the space left on the CD. Then they
reboot. The apm-history is because your choice of hardware where some
developers working on a profile for laptops with apm and so on.

Our main effort has been to get the server-versions to work out of the
box, the thin clients, and the workstation. When you using the
installer on a laptop as a Skolelinux server and ltsp, then some
strange things happens unfortunately.

A I'm sorry to say that our manpower are limited, and we have to use
our sparsely populated manpower on the Skolelinux main goal. If you
wanna join in to get the laptop-profile better, just do it. You are
welcome to join in as a laptop-profile tester in the work 
with debian-installer :-) 


- Knut

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