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Re: pr46: reboot after install necessary

> Then it's probably the firewall issue. Do you got a firewall between 
> your coumputer and the rest of the world - as you have installed 
> Skolelinux server with it's own DNS and DHCP-server?
> You have to set up a firewall in that configuration :-)

hmm, I don't quite understand how this should be related, but the particular
laptop is 100% firewalled (by a couple of meters of air to the ethernet
jack ;-)

Main sever and workstation on one isolated machine.
When talking about www I meant the internal one on tjener. Webmin says it is
not active.

More importantly though new users seem to be unable to login without _one_
reboot after fresh install. (it worked _after_ reboot on the previous install

Could this PXE message have to do anything with it? This is what gets loged
with each retry.

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