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Re: FOSDEM buffe?

Le Mon, Feb 16, 2004 at 10:39:15PM +0100, Petter Reinholdtsen a écrit :
> [Petter Reinholdtsen]
> > There is much confusion regarding whether we should join the FOSDEM or
> > the FREEDEM dinner.  The Debian group is going to the FOSDEM dinner,
> > I've been told my the DPL.  They are ~30 people.
> Actually, now they are 37, and had reserved seats for 40.  That mean
> our 11 do no longer fit.  We spent too much time arguing. :)
> I've send an email to buffet-planned@fosdem.org asking if there is
> room for 15 people from Skolelinux, and expect Markus to follow up on
> this issue.  If we get sets, we say go to the FOSDEM dinner.  If not,
> I say we go to the FREEDEM dinner.

the freeedem dinner can host at most 600 people

Please register fast (before wednesday 19h) on http://freeedem.org/Register if you want to pay
a small amount (12 euros / person)

THere will be music. It is orgniazed right on the campus. No need to travel downtown.

And there will be places where you can meet it you want.

Please do not hesitate to spread the info around



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