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Re: FOSDEM buffe?

[Nicolas Pettiaux]
> don't be confused please between the fosdem buffet and the freedem
> one that is less expensive, and offer more space for the people (we
> sahll have at least 40 seats avalable nd at most 600)
> and where there will be music and much more people. It will be
> advetised in http://freeedem.org tomorrow morninf and
> has been advertised on the ofset wiki for a whie
> We had decided to organize the freeedem dinner knowing the the
> people of fosdem would not do anything so their idea to oragnise
> something is a strange exercices. THey changed their mind.

There is much confusion regarding whether we should join the FOSDEM or
the FREEDEM dinner.  The Debian group is going to the FOSDEM dinner,
I've been told my the DPL.  They are ~30 people.

The Skolelinux group is around 10 people, I think (4-5 from Norway, 5
from Germany, one from Holland and a few from France).  We can join
one or the other as a group, or split up.

There will be dinners from 18:00 to 23:00, and a FOSDEM party from
23:00.  I guess we will meet at the party no matter where we go to

The topic have been discussed at great length on #debian-edu
(irc.debian.org) this evening.  The arguments for going to FOSDEM is
that we will be able to group with the Debian people, and that it is
important for Skolelinux to get to know as many debian people as
possible, to make it easier to get our fixes and updates into Debian.
The argument for splitting up is that we would be able to talk about
Skolelinux with more people if we are present at both dinners.  The
argument for going as a group is to make sure we as a group get to
know each other as good as possible.

No-one knew much about the FREEDEM dinner, except the arguments you
gave above.  It would be interesting to know who are going to be
there.  Are the events close to each other?  Are the people joining
the FREEDEM dinner also going to the FOSDEM party?

Kurt indicated on IRC that the German group is interested in going
with the Debian group, and Bart Cornelis agreed.  Vidar suggested we
split up, but see the arguments for going as a group as well.

The web pages describing the events seem to be
<URL:http://www.ofset.org/wiki/index.php/FreeEdem2004Eating> and

<URL:http://www.freeedem.org/Register/> seem to be the place to
register for FREEDEM including the dinner.

Unless there is more info arriving soon, I suggest we all join the
Debian people at the FOSDEM dinner.  I need a name list with the
people from Skolelinux joining, so I can get us registered for the

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