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Re: Web browsers?

Michael Eric Menk a écrit :
> % support (approx %) of the DOM modules.
> DOM L1
> MSIE: 50% claimed, 0% practical. (a bug in module, makes it not 
> implementet. But it claims to support it)
> Mozilla: 100%
> Opera 50%
> Konq :  100%
> DOM L2:
> MSIE 0%
> Mozilla: <70%
> Opera: <30%
> Konq: 0%


Thank you Michael. My concern was about the support of dynamic html
pages generated with the free library DynApi (LGPL License)
(http://dynapi.sourceforge.net/dynapi/) which is used by part of some
educational tools : Wims (free), hot-potatoes (non-free but popular at
least in France)

The URL I gave i my last post was an example of an exercise using such

Best regards,			Georges.

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