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Re: Web browsers?

Dominique Devriese wrote:

Georges Khaznadar writes:

ringe@skolelinux.no a écrit :

Do you mean that Konqueror now supports DHTML ?

It does and it has done so for a very long time.
If you have a problem with a certain website in konqueror, please file
a bug report on bugs.kde.org instead of trying to cause a flamewar on
an unrelated list.

There is no standard as DHTML, but this is a standard term for dynamic web pages.

By DHTML, i assume that you mean client side DHTML. in other word, DOM.

There is a binding to EMCA script v3 to DOM. In DOM L1 CORE includes a method that you can ask the browser if it support the DOM module.

According the the browser them self, Konqueror 3.1 is only a little better than Opera. And WAY behind Mozilla.

This is according the THE BROWSER THEM SELF...

Mozilla is THE ONLY BROWSER that lackes support for 1 or less method to be able to be used with XML4DR and folowing standards at the same time. (it lacked 1 method in may 2003, the save method in DOM L3 Load and Save).

Source: http://www.menk.priv.no/DOM.pdf

% support (approx %) of the DOM modules.

Mozilla = Mozilla 1.3/1.4
Opera = Opera 7.1
Konq = Konqueror 3.1

MSIE: 50% claimed, 0% practical. (a bug in module, makes it not implementet. But it claims to support it)
Mozilla: 100%
Opera 50%
Konq :  100%

Mozilla: <70%
Opera: <30%
Konq: 0%

MSIE: 0%
Mozilla: 9%
Opera: 0%
Konq: 0%
Michael Eric Menk

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