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Re: Web browsers?

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On 2004-02-12 15:26, Thor Harald Johansen wrote:
> >as konqueror fits in better with kde then the other browsers
> > (filedialog, printdialog, ioslaves, ...) it seems the best choice (off
> > course wether we want to stay with KHTML as the default rendering
> > engine is another discussion altogether :)
> Ah! Good point. But how about tabbed browsing and popup blocking? Perhaps
> not that much of a priority? How does Mozilla plugins work with
> Konqueror?

er, both tabbed browsing (since kde 3.0) and popup-blocking (don't remember 
when this appeared, long time ago in any case) are there. 

Mozilla plugins work, in fact the default setup has $MOZILLA_HOME/plugins as 
one of the to-be-scanned dirs default (off course I've never had any 
installed so I have no idea how realiable this feature is)

Even better there's something called Reaktivate (if memory serves right) out 
there that lets konqueror use ActiveX controls (again I haven't actually 
used it so I have no idea how realiable this is).

- -> basically we just need a more recent KDE
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