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Re: Web browsers?

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On 2004-02-12 14:01, ringe@skolelinux.no wrote:
> > Has anyone at this point noticed that Konqueror quite frankly stinks?
> You're talking about the KDE 2 version, right? Yes it's bad.
> Apple's contributions to the latter versions have made it much better,
> but you have to use recent packages from unstable to enjoy them.

definatly, on my laptop I'm running KDE 3.2. My Internetbanking site is the 
only site I currently can't access (that I'm aware of), and that doesn't 
work in Mozilla on Linux either (though weirdly it did run in Mozilla on 
Windows last time I checked). There's the occasional site that checks the 
browser-ID but as that can be changed on a per-site basis through the tools 
menu they don't pose a problem.

> > It's not near being as complete as Mozilla, or even better, Mozilla
> > Firefox.
> <offtopic> I'd say Epiphany rules. </offtopic>
> > To put it simply: What on earth were you thinking?

>   KDE has a browser: Konqueror.
> +
>   Limited space on the installation CD.
> =
>   Let people install Mozilla themselves if they want to.

there's a gecko kpart (part of kdebindings i think), and I remember reading 
something about opera demonstrating an opera kpart a couple of weeks ago
- -> konqueror can already use 2 rendering engines, that will soon be 3

as konqueror fits in better with kde then the other browsers (filedialog, 
printdialog, ioslaves, ...) it seems the best choice (off course wether we 
want to stay with KHTML as the default rendering engine is another 
discussion altogether :)

> Limited space on the installation CD have been the topic a lot of times,
> search the mailing list archives about it.

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