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Re: new skoleknoppix

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Conrad Newton wrote:

> Yes, I already saw your message on the knoppix mailing list.
> Are you suggesting that I should go back to the previous
> Knoppix-2003-11-19 for my XFree86 4.3 packages?
I know to less about XFree to suggest anything.  The only thing I
know is that my freshly installed box does not run with the latest
packages from experimental but work perfectly with the previous
Knoppix. That's all - the decision is yours.

> You mention the disadavantage.  Is there any advantage
> to the packages from experimental?
If someone would provide me with the predator of the current packages
(ending with version number 4 instaed of 5) I could test these.  At
least XFree 4.3 has the advantage that i830 chips are supported in

Kind regards


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